Written by: Casey Robinson, MSPT

At Rebound, our primary mission is to achieve individualized wellness goals that exceed our patients’ expectations! We carefully evaluate each person’s needs focusing on the root cause of pain and impairment, not just the symptoms. Our highly skilled professionals blend traditional methods with innovative techniques and provide our services in a comfortable and caring atmosphere. If you’re interested in reducing pain or stiffness, maintaining wellness, restoring function, preventing recurrent injury and improved physical performance, we can help!

Not your grandparents’ physical therapy!

Physical therapy, like all of health care, has come a long way since the WWII era. Here at Rebound, we focus on restoring function, normal movement, and getting rid of pain. The human body is like a mechanical system – it wants to find the path of least resistance for movement. However, that isn’t always the right path. We look at how you move, what your range of motion is compared to norms, and how well your muscles control your movement. Then, we teach you how to help you get better, starting from the basics of muscle control and working up to functional retraining.

Who can benefit from physical therapy?

Everyone can benefit from physical therapy! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how fit or deconditioned you might be. It matters only if you are willing to work at improving your function and eliminating the pain that occurs with your normal daily activities, whether those are sitting at your desk, running a 5K, golfing, fishing, or doing yard work.

Integrated services at Rebound

What if you have knee pain that is now limiting your activities, your exercise, your work around your house? So, you come in for physical therapy and find out that your knee hurts because you don’t have good muscle control around your hip. But, because you have been compensating for this poor muscle control, your back muscles are really tight. But, you think the soreness in your back is unrelated and just because you are getting older. Now, your Rebound PT works with your Rebound massage therapist who works doing massage for rehabilitation and now you get to go all the way back to your activities without pain in your knee or back!!

Get the idea?  We have a team of physical therapists and massage therapists, who treat you – the whole you – and get you back to feeling like your normal healthy you!

Physical Therapy @ Rebound

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