The Science and the Art of Physical Therapy

Rebound is on a constant search for new and innovative techniques that arise around the world. For sure, this is no easy task, however to achieve our goal of world-class clinical care and service it is a must. Having these methods and the advanced clinical reasoning skills creates the “science” to produce results for our patients. While this is a critical component, it alone does not guarantee the success recipe.  Through years of working in hospitals, PT and sports medicine clinics, and with patients and athletes of all ages we recognize that it is the “art” of patient care that completes the recipe for success.

This includes such things as:

  • Having a true passion for the work we do.
  • Making every effort to “connect” with each and every patient, and their goals.
  • Creating a fun and sometimes humorous environment for our staff and patients.
  • Surveying our patients after just a few sessions to make sure we are on track.
  • Willingness to attend our patient’s doctors visits, a sports practice, or simply recreating a scenario of every day life in which they need retraining.
  • Calling or sending follow-up cards and e-mails and inviting patient questions.
  • Having the ability and intent to hold patients accountable for their end of the rehab process.
  • Customizing every aspect possible for all our patients.

In short, all of us have experienced customer service in which all the details were neglected and the results sub-standard. It is no different in healthcare. Our approach is different, and our patients confirm so every day.


To learn more about some of the specific service and techniques we use, check out our Services page.