If you’ve been diagnosed with a concussion or think you might have suffered one you may be experiencing symptoms such as memory issues, mental fogginess, dizziness or motion-induced vertigo, headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, or even difficulty concentrating.   While most to these symptoms resolve within 7-10 days for 80-90% of us, some may feel them persist and interfere with life including returning to work, school, or athletic participation.   Therefore proper education and treatment with specialized professionals is key.  Physical therapy can be of benefit especially for this group with combined vestibular rehabilitation, balance training, and treatment for the cervical spine.


Rebound’s concussion management program provides a thorough examination for concussion including vestibular evaluation, orthopedic examination of the cervical spine, and a return to work or sport function test.   You will be scheduled with one of our speciality-trained PTs  who have additional education and clinical experience in concussion, vestibular rehabilitation, and the cervical spine.   You will work one on one with a PT for an individualized treatment plan.  At the completion of care, we offer return to sport or work testing to determine readiness to head back onto or into the field.  If you have any questions regarding concussion, please contact one of our specialty-trained vestibular therapists.