Most people finish Physical Therapy, but aren’t sure how to program a regimen of physical activity afterwards. Jumping right back into fitness after recovery or simply attempting to integrate your physical therapy exercises into your programming can be overwhelming.

Here at Rebound, we have a solution for you. Our fitness coaches have worked alongside with the Physical Therapists and know how to best take next steps for graduated patients. They take an innovative approach by using their fitness expertise combined with Rebound’s clinical perspective to create a specialized approach to YOU.

Even if you have not been seen by a therapist at Rebound and are just wanting to get started on a fitness journey, our coaches have extensive experience and success helping others achieve their goals WITHOUT introducing an injury risk. Unlike traditional Personal Training, we offer a much more strategic approach to make sure any aches and pains that may come along the process of your journey, do not become permanent issues.

We offer various packages and are here to help you decide on the best option for you. Face to face or from the comfort of your own home, we have a plan for you!

In Person Fitness Coaching at Rebound

We understand that physical fitness means different things to different people, and we understand how life can get in the way of fitness.

Our focus is on you as an individual. We combine proper alignment, technique, and workout intensity to create an in-house and at-home exercise program specifically designed to reach your goals. While we use a variety of techniques and equipment, we are primarily interested in the most important piece of equipment that any of us will ever possess – our own healthy body.

Our goal is make sure you reach your goals, whether that is getting our clients back on the court, on the course, on the mountain, or into an active life.

In Person Coaching allows us to assess your form, correct appropriately, and cheer you along the way!

Offered at both locations, we are here to make your fitness journey happen!


In Person Coaching Details:

  • Coaching offered at both locations, Fort Collins & Loveland
  • Days offered are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Available times are 7:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Sessions are 60 min – $75 individually or $60 for group sessions!
  • Interested in discounts? Buy 5 sessions and get your 6th free!
  • Male or Female coach depending on your preference

For more information about our Virtual Fitness plans, check out our  Virtual Fitness Coaching page!