What is Sportsmetrics? 

Sportsmetrics™ is the first and largest ACL injury prevention program SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes. Developed by Dr. Frank Noyes and a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and researchers, Sportsmetrics™ is not just another plyometric training program. Jumping drills are used to teach the athlete to preposition the entire body safely when jumping landing. The selection and progression of these exercises are designed for neuromuscular retraining proceeding from simple jumping drills to multi-directional, single-foot hops and plyometrics with an emphasis on quick turnover. A solid foundation of strength, coordination and overall physical conditioning is required for athletes to attain their highest potential in their sport-specific skills. Train with Sportsmetrics™ to reduce your risk of injury AND enhance competitive athletic performance 


What does the program consist of?  

The program includes a dynamic warm-up, jump/plyometric training, strengthening and speed/agility work. The dynamic warm-up is based on recent and updated evidence on the best ways to prepare the body for exercise and sport with important injury prevention movements as well. The plyometric portion of Sportsmetrics is a progression over the training period, with increasingly harder jumps each week. The strength training is catered toward the main stabilizers of the body including the core, hip/glutes and lower leg. The agility and speed portion of the program includes teaching athletes how to utilize the proper muscles to improve performance and decrease risk of injury.  


Why is Sportsmetrics at Rebound so unique?  

Sportsmetrics™ is not just another plyometric training program. Training proceeds from technique development to performance enhancement with each session building on the previous bout of training. The dynamic warm-up and strength components have also been carefully reviewed for safety and effectiveness. Essential to the success of the athlete is the Physical Therapist and trainer interaction and feedback throughout the program.  Student to trainer ratios are kept at 6 to 1 or better to ensure that each athlete receives individualized recommendations and attention. Furthermore, the physical therapists at Rebound are highly skilled and trained to meticulously and adequately observe faulty movement patterns and give corrective techniques. This not only aides in decreasing risk for injury, but also helps with improving power, speed and overall sport performance.  


How do I know if I’ve improved with Sportsmetrics 

Here at Rebound, we have an intensive pre-and post-testing process. We screen to make sure the athlete is safe and ready to participate in the program. We test muscle strength, power, vertical jump and perform video analysis of a jumping movement. At the completion of the program, we re-test these same measures to determine improvement in performance and risk of knee injury. The pre-and post-testing determine objective numbers and data for true gains in performance and risk of knee injury.  


 What is the cost and how long is the program?  

Sportsmetrics is a 6 week program in total with training 3x/week and each session is about 1 hour. The program is meant to be an off-season training program and not meant to be done during sport season. The cost per athlete is $300 and is not a drop-in program. If an athlete misses more than 2 sessions, the  

effectiveness for the program drops significantly. Furthermore, each week the jumps progress to harder and more complex and the program needs to be completed in its entirety. We also offer a 10% discount if you bring a friend.  


Is Sportsmetrics just an injury prevention program?  

NO! While the program was originally designed as an ACL injury prevention program, it also has significant data to prove it’s an excellent sports enhancement and performance program. Studies have shown that athletes that participate in cross-training or multi-sports have significantly less injuries. Sportsmetrics is unlike many performance programs out there and allows athletes to move and train their bodies in different ways while still training strength, power, speed and quickness. Sportsmetrics is also a great program for athletes coming back from an injury to improve confidence as they prepare to return to their sport again. Sportsmetrics has been proven to significantly increase strength and vertical jump, but mostly importantly decrease risk of serious knee injury by 88%.  



If you are interested in participating in our upcoming Sportsmetrics session, or have specific questions, please contact Becca Rauch, PT, DPT, SCS or call our office at: 


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