"Rebound’s Skype service has been invaluable for many of my coaching clients.  I have complete confidence in the expertise and effectiveness that Brad Ott can deliver to my clients who live across the US.  In many cases, they found zero success working with medical services in the area they live.  Using Skype, Brad has been able to provide the same professional “magic” he offers to local patients, fixing what had seemed to be insolvable injury issues.  I have no reservation about referring my clients to Rebound, locally or via Skype."

-John Sinclair, Anaerobic Management

"I am fully confident in referring my coaching clients and running friends to Rebound Sports. I highly recommend Rebound's Skype service to those with complex or unresolved injury problems and unable to see Brad Ott personally. Brad Ott's ability to zero in on an injury and provide exceptional expertise by means of Skype has proven to be an invaluable tool in finding solutions to puzzling injury issues. With the help of Skype and the excellent therapists, Rebound Sports has many happy and healthy clients."

-Kim Jones, Anaerobic Management

"I worked with Brad in high school when I started to train seriously for the first time, resulting in injury because I started to uncover layers of hidden weaknesses. The first time I saw Brad with a knee injury I couldn’t walk and had been “resting, icing and taking ibuprofen” per doctors orders for several weeks with no significant healing or progress. During my very first visit Brad uncovered the true culprits of my knee injury, chronic weakness in my hips and glutes which were placing strain on other areas of my body. Fast forward 10 years and I am now running professionally as part of the Brooks Beasts Track Club in Seattle, WA. I don’t live in Colorado anymore, but Brad has continued to be a vital part of my running career and staying injury free. Skype makes communicating with Brad at critical times possible, such as before and after important competitions that take me around the world. Maintenance checkups throughout the year can also be performed easily, where Brad explains new exercises that I was not ready for previously. Brad performs tests of mobility and range of motion, and also watches and explains new exercises in an easy to understand way. Skype is an awesome option for those who don’t live in Colorado to have access to one of the best PT’s in the nation, hands down!"

-Katie Mackey, Brooks Beasts Track Club Team

WFM Consults

An ergonomic consult at Rebound is a virtual assessment of your WFH (Work From Home) space – whatever it looks like – a desk, a counter, a table – designed to help you improve your posture all while helping support our community during this challenging time.


For everyone and anyone working from home – whether this is new to you or you are a seasoned WFH veteran.


Learn how to optimize your WFH space for posture, ergonomics, and health. Prevent unnecessary muscle tension, back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel.


A 20 – 30 minute virtual consult with Rebound’s own certified ergonomics assessment specialist, Kevin Rhodes.

Kevin will give your WFH space a rating at the conclusion of your consult.


RED: your set-up is a problem and an impending disaster. Changes are needed. We will work with getting you scheduled for a formal virtual ergonomics session to recommend and help implement the necessary changes.

YELLOW: your set-up “passes”, but we have 1 or 2 changes for you to implement. We will get you that information to start you on the road to success.

GREEN: your set-up is good!

Virtual Fitness Training

In Person Coaching not for you? We are now offering Virtual Fitness Training by our two fitness coaches. Regardless if you are too far to be in our clinic or simply if working out from home is your preference, we have options for you.

Check out our packages below to make the best decision for you!