The physical therapy staff at Rebound successfully treats various overuse-type injuries via Skype. Therapists are able to evaluate deficits in range of motion, strength, and balance/stability, which in many cases are the underlying root cause of persistent pain. Based on evaluation findings, corrective exercises are given and pictures/instructions are e-mailed to the patient. Typically the patient performs the home exercise routine for one week and then follow-up Skype sessions are scheduled to progress the corrective exercise program.

Why utilize Skype treatment with Rebound when therapy may be available locally where you live?

Most patients who choose treatment via Skype have already tried physical therapy or other options such as massage therapy, Rolfing, acupuncture, or chiropractic without lasting results. Patients who have gone through the Skype evaluation process at Rebound comment that no one else has been able to uncover their biomechanical imbalances and root causes for their pain, until their treatment with Rebound staff.

What types of injuries are most successfully treated via Skype?

Although almost any injury can be treated through Skype sessions, the most common are overuse injuries such as tendinitis, chronic muscle strains, and back/neck pain. Common diagnoses include: knee pain, IT band syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, hamstring strains, hip pain, shoulder tendinitis, and bulging disks in the neck and back.

Who is an ideal candidate for Skype treatment with Rebound?

Many patients who opt for treatment via Skype are athletes who have not been able to return to their normal training; runners, triathletes, cyclists, and swimmers are some of our past patients. These people are often told by their local doctors or therapists they simply need to “rest” from their sport and that will take care of the problem. As mentioned above, these patients often sought treatment locally but did not have improvement. Also, many of these patients were advised to simply “stretch what is tight” which fails to address the underlying biomechanical problems.

How do I set up a Skype evaluation?

Simply call Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy at 970.663.6142 and request a Skype evaluation. Our staff will take specific information about your injury and have you fill out a brief questionnaire so that we can obtain more specific details about your pain and history.



"Rebound’s Skype service has been invaluable for many of my coaching clients.  I have complete confidence in the expertise and effectiveness that Brad Ott can deliver to my clients who live across the US.  In many cases, they found zero success working with medical services in the area they live.  Using Skype, Brad has been able to provide the same professional “magic” he offers to local patients, fixing what had seemed to be insolvable injury issues.  I have no reservation about referring my clients to Rebound, locally or via Skype."

-John Sinclair, Anaerobic Management

"I am fully confident in referring my coaching clients and running friends to Rebound Sports. I highly recommend Rebound's Skype service to those with complex or unresolved injury problems and unable to see Brad Ott personally. Brad Ott's ability to zero in on an injury and provide exceptional expertise by means of Skype has proven to be an invaluable tool in finding solutions to puzzling injury issues. With the help of Skype and the excellent therapists, Rebound Sports has many happy and healthy clients."

-Kim Jones, Anaerobic Management

"I worked with Brad in high school when I started to train seriously for the first time, resulting in injury because I started to uncover layers of hidden weaknesses. The first time I saw Brad with a knee injury I couldn’t walk and had been “resting, icing and taking ibuprofen” per doctors orders for several weeks with no significant healing or progress. During my very first visit Brad uncovered the true culprits of my knee injury, chronic weakness in my hips and glutes which were placing strain on other areas of my body. Fast forward 10 years and I am now running professionally as part of the Brooks Beasts Track Club in Seattle, WA. I don’t live in Colorado anymore, but Brad has continued to be a vital part of my running career and staying injury free. Skype makes communicating with Brad at critical times possible, such as before and after important competitions that take me around the world. Maintenance checkups throughout the year can also be performed easily, where Brad explains new exercises that I was not ready for previously. Brad performs tests of mobility and range of motion, and also watches and explains new exercises in an easy to understand way. Skype is an awesome option for those who don’t live in Colorado to have access to one of the best PT’s in the nation, hands down!"

-Katie Mackey, Brooks Beasts Track Club Team