The first step in athletic performance enhancement is don’t be hurt! It is imperative for athletes to be able to participate consistently in their expected practice and training regimens. However, some athletes start their season and/or training with an undetected biomechanical imbalance that could be predisposing them to both minor and serious injuries. Current “sports physicals” at the doctor’s office are not designed to detect these imbalances.

Physical therapists at Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy not only treat a wide variety of athletes on a daily basis, but they have developed sport-specific physical benchmarks that are critical to injury prevention and performance enhancement. Our collaboration with top-level coaches and a constant drive to uncover the root causes of injury, and keys to performance have led to some amazing breakthroughs in our ability to TEST for these things.

The Rebound staff has developed a world-class screening process to help identify the biomechanical imbalances before they create an injury situation. Our screening methods are tailored to the athlete and to the athlete’s particular sport. The results of our screening are shared with coaches, athletes, and parents so that a plan to address any identified deficits can be developed into an injury prevention or performance enhancement program. The program is designed such that entire teams can be evaluated or individual athletes. Physical therapists and athletic trainers are currently testing athletes and teams in the following sports.

  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Cross Country and Track
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Dance
  • Figure Skating

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