Did you know that at least 50 percent of runners get hurt each year?  It might seem that getting injured and being sidelined from training is just part of being a runner, but it doesn’t have to be!

At Rebound, we want to help you achieve your running related goals in a safe and effective manner, so we designed the Virtual Runners Strength Program just for you!

Virtual Runners Strength Program is based on strength exercises that are shown to significantly reduce risk of injury, regardless of running distance. What’s that mean? You don’t have to be an ultra-marathoner to benefit from this Program!

Although running injury prevention can include stretching, that alone shouldn’t be the focus. Injury prevention is multifaceted, but strength training will be the key to decreasing your risk of a running injury. Hamstrings, glutes and core are important muscle groups you need to strengthen as a runner but exercises for these groups need to be part of a strategic program. All of the research-based exercises in this program are structured in a specific order with guidelines for a certain number of sets & reps.

For a strength program to be effective, our body must steadily be overloaded in a progressive manner to gain results. For this reason, each week will build off the previous week’s workout. Each workout has video demonstration of exercises with detailed explanations of proper technique.

To make this program as convenient as possible for you, we made it 100% virtual. This means you can perform the exercises ANYWHERE, ANY DAY, and ANY TIME!

Stay tuned for a NEW Virtual Runners Strength program coming Summer 2023! 


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