A custom-fabricated item is one that is individually made for a specific patient. No other patient would be able to use this item. A custom fabricated item is a device that is fabricated based on clinically derived and rectified castings, tracings, measurements and/or other images (such as X-rays) of the body part. The fabrication may involve using calculations, templates and components. This process requires the use of basic materials including, but not limited to plastic, metal, leather or cloth in the form of uncut or unshaped sheets, bars or other basic forms and involves substantial work such as vacuum forming, cutting, bending, molding, sewing, drilling and finishing prior to fitting on the patient.

-American Society of Hand Therapists



At Rebound, Kevin Rhodes, OT, CHT, makes custom fabricated splints in house for patients with a variety of ailments such as: arthritic conditions, post op, strains, and sprains. Although most insurances cover the cost of these, we do also accept various cash payments.

Below are some of the models he has made and used for past and current patients. For more information about the process, contact us today.