Who is a good candidate for this program?

Runners of all ages are encouraged to participate. Anyone from a beginner runner to someone who has been running for decades can make strength gains from this program.


When do I do the workouts?

The videos are sent to you via a link so you can access the videos at your own convenient location and time.


What equipment do I need?

We try to keep equipment list to only household items. The only item you will need to have in addition is a resistance band.


How long will the workouts take?

We expect each class to take on average an hour but it will vary on the individual and how many reps, sets & rest breaks are being performed.


How is this different from a gym class?

All of the exercises are strategically organized to help runners gain strength in the proper muscles needed for running, while also learning how to relax the muscle groups that frequently cause injuries.


How often would you recommend doing these workouts?

We would recommend doing each workout at least once before advancing to the next class. Each workout can be done 3-4 times but we would not recommend doing back-to-back days in order to promote recovery on the days in between.


How do I choose between Level 1 and Level 2?

We strongly encourage first-time participants to start at Level 1 in order to learn the foundational concepts that we build off of for Level 2. If you have more questions then please email Anna to discuss further.


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