I was blessed to have Karen Stillahn, PT, DPT,ATC working with me in 2016. From May through December, she worked through my issues before and after surgery. She always knew exactly what to do and what to change to get the desired results when something wasn't working for me. She was always professional and respectful, while working along with my memory issues added to the physical issues. Her constant smiles and praises gave me encouragement and hope for the eventual graduation day. I've had other physical therapists, but Karen has been my most treasured!
Anna was awesome and I am so much better and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought. I have good exercises for maintaining where I'm at and am happy that I can call or email if I need to! Thank you!
I had sustained injuries from a head on auto collision in December of 2015. I came to Rebound for 8 weeks with my physical therapist Tyler. I have had great success with the treatment plan that Tyler implemented for me. Everyone here was so nice to work with. The staff and physical therapists are friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I would recommend Rebound to anyone that needs physical therapy. thank you so much for helping me through a very difficult time.
I am very pleased with the work that Anna has done to help reduce the pain in my left ankle and right hip. When I first started PT at Rebound I was having a very hard time walking and had no "good side." Anna gave me specific muscle group exercises that have helped me strengthen both legs along with my ankle and hip. I especially appreciated Anna's explanations and encouragement so I could really understand what was happening to my body. It was a wonderful gift to be able to walk without pain and with improved strength and balance. Thank you Anna for everything!
I really do appreciate all the help with the vertigo and balance, which I will continue to do. I have had really great sessions that have helped me feel more confident and healthy. Tyler is a very good therapist!! Thank you so much
I really appreciate all the help you gave me! When I came in I was very stiff, hurting in the lower back and also very weak in my left leg from a hip replacement. Tyler has shown me several ways to loosen up and build my strength back up in the places that I desperately needed. I can't thank Tyler and Rebound PT enough for how they have helped me. I will definitely recommend Rebound PT and Tyler to anyone I come across that needs help! Thanks again!
"I injured my right shoulder swimming in January.  Jason has done a great job of rehabing the injury with a combination of exercises I could perform at home and here at Miramont.  He also has reeducated me on proper swimming techniques which will be very helpful to prevent me from reinjuring the shoulder.  Thank you Jason!
The staff that works there are very professional and knowledgeable.  I went through a variety of other rehab facilites and treatments before Rebound, and no other place helped me nearly to the extent that Rebound did.  I really appreciate that they give you treatment, as well as exercises after you leave, so that you can continue getting stronger.  I'm running stronger than ever this summer, and know that I wouldn't be at this point without the help from Rebound!
Two years ago I went to Rebound as a last ditch effort to stop hurting when I ran.  I had tried massage, chiropractors and acupuncture.  Brad Ott got me pain free in only a few sessions and has continued to be a very important part of keeping my body healthy, happy and running!  I have run 3 marathons and PR'd the Denver Marathon.  I don't know what I would do without the amazing therapists and staff at Rebound!!
We just got home last night from the University of Arizona and Taylor's first competition in over 1.5 years. WE OWE YOU MOST OF THE CREDIT for his return to diving! When we walked into your exam room he was depressed and without much hope of recovery!!! He had assumed that his previous PT was not working and that the entire surgery was failing. You patiently listened to us and began the treatment that was needed to help the nerves recover. NO ONE ELSE was even addressing that issue and had given up on his recovery. Because of your efforts/faith/skill and desire to help Taylor is now enjoying his "passion" again. Thank You for "going the extra mile" for a young man whom you had just met!! The Stanford Trainer had all but told Taylor that they had given up and that he should too. Because of the progress you had made with Taylor's recovery the Stanford group once again began to work with him. I am a very grateful Mother - Thank you!!