Too many people find cycling uncomfortable. The saddle is uncomfortable, the rider’s hands, their lower back…the list goes on. While these are normal complaints and perfectly reasonable reasons to not get into cycling for transportation or fitness, there is a simple solution: get a bike fit! Everyone deserves to be comfortable and feel strong on the bike and we want to help you do just that.


Cycling should be comfortable


Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy and Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, through Tori Royle, DPT, and certified bike fitter Zack Allison have created a dynamic bike fitting option. Beyond the traditional scope of a bike fit or a single physical therapy session, we are able to offer a comprehensive bike fit that takes into account your needs now.


Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy sees many patients love cycling but also have pain. Even if a patient goes through therapy, if they have a bad bike fit, therapy can only go so far. From a physical therapy point of view, there are many factors to consider in a bike fit including range of motion, strength, proper alignment, neutral pelvis, and prior injuries.


A good bike fit is all encompassing and takes into account how your body works as a system. For example, changing your bike saddles fore and aft position has a profound effect on your hip angle, your knee angle, and everything down the line. Having a deep knowledge and vast experience in bike fitting is one part, but a good bike fitter should also have an expert knowledge in the parts and mechanics of bikes in general. Whether you are a bike commuter, a recreational rider, or a seasoned professional, a professional bike fit should be a part of your repertoire. At Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, we fit bike riders throughout that entire range.


The Dynamic Bike Fitting Process


All bike fit packages include a proactive screening performed by Tori will address biomechanics that could impact your fit such as weakness, stiffness, movement patterns, or injuries. Zack then uses the feedback from Tori to provide an optimal bike fit. Regardless of your goals or level of cycle, a proper bike fit is essential to prevent injuries, ensure maximal power transfer, or just make cycling more enjoyable!


At SETCR, we measure everything dynamically, while you are pedaling at a known rate. By having you pedal at a realistic rate, then we can see how you might change positions on the bike if you were riding outside. We follow a protocol and leave no stone unturned, weather it’s literally a rock in your shoe creating pain to dialing in your knee angle based on your flexibility and body shape.

By having an open dialogue between you, Zack and Tori, we’re able to identify biomechanic or movement patterns that after tweaking, might increase your comfort and efficiency on the bike. We will work with you to design a custom package that fits your history and needs. Our goal is to have you able to ride and accomplish your goals with a sound body and a comfortable and efficient position on the bike.


Be comfortable, be efficient, stay injury-free, and most of all have fun.


Interested in getting started? Contact Tori Royle at [email protected] to get started with your screening and any questions you might have.


Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy – Get better. Be your best.


Everyone deserves a good bike fit.

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