We’ve all heard the hype about Yoga: It increases flexibility, improves peace of mind, decreases blood pressure, improves core strength, increases lung capacity and depth of breathing, improves balance, helps increase your energy levels and improves your mental focus. So what can yoga do for you? All of the above! So why aren’t more people doing it?

When many of us picture a yoga class, we see a room full of extremely thin, young people with no pain and no dysfunctions. They may be wearing tight fitting pants and snug fitted tank tops while contorting themselves into impossible positions. This misconception can be very intimidating. But this is not what yoga is.
Yoga can be accessible to everyone, and all those benefits listed above can be yours. Whether you have chronic low back or neck pain, you’ve had a total knee or total hip replacement, you walk with a cane and struggle with your balance, you have COPD or asthma and have difficulty catching your breath, you’re overweight, you have high blood pressure, or you struggle with high stress, depression, or anxiety, yoga can benefit you!
As Physical Therapists we take pride in giving people the tools and the opportunity to improve their quality of life. Often times when our patients graduate and walk out the door after their last day of treatment, the parting can be bittersweet. It’s so exciting to see people reach their goals and walk out without their cane, without their limp, and with that newfound glow of independence from pain, and excitement to return to life full force! Often times though, our patients leave with a sense of uncertainty as to where to go next. How can you maintain those gains now that you’ve graduated Physical Therapy? Can you just jump directly into a group exercise class? How about Yoga or Pilates? Are those safe to try right away, or ever? What if the yoga instructor doesn’t understand your concerns or isn’t familiar with your specific injury, surgery, or weaknesses?

As PT’s our answers to these questions are always convoluted. We wouldn’t send you off if we didn’t consider you fully recovered, but there’s always increased chance of re-injury and/or concerns that certain exercises need to be done with greater attention to detail or even specific positions or movements we’d advise you to avoid. This is why Rebound is now offering Rebound with Yoga! For some of you this may serve as a transition to a group class somewhere in the community, for many of you this will serve as your maintenance program to achieve better overall health and continued success towards new and larger goals. Our Yoga class is taught by one of our PT’s so that you can ask questions and get the corrections and guidance necessary to receive all the benefits of yoga in a safe and fun class! Come see what yoga can do for you!
This post was written by Ashley Eckard, DPT


Check out Rebound with Yoga at our Loveland location on Tuesday nights! More details below.

“Join us for a gentle, safe and easy class designed and instructed by a Physical Therapist to encourage flexibility, mobility, and recovery.”

When: 6:30-7:30pm               Where: Rebound Sports & PT

Tuesday Evenings                 295 East 29th Street, Suite 10

Begins June 10, 2014             Loveland, CO (29th & 287)


Fee:$8 drop-in per class,

or 12-session punch card at a reduced rate.

Contact:Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy to get more details or get started!

(970) 663-6142



What Can Yoga do for You?

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