Sportsmetrics™ Details

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The program itself:

  • The first ACL injury prevention program shown to statistically reduce the incidence of serious knee injuries in athletes. ACL injuries occur 6-10x more often in female athletes, and 2/3 of these injuries are non-contact injuries.
  • Designed as an injury prevention program to teach athletes neuromuscular control during jumping and landing and teach them how to pre-position their bodies during acceleration and deceleration activities.
  • 6 week program, 3 days/week, each session about an hour long
    • About 30-40 minutes of each session is plyometrics, and the remainder of each session is for strength training and speed/agility.
  • NOT a drop-in program, and is best for the athlete to participate in the full 6 weeks. Research shows that if athletes participated in fewer than 85% of the sessions, the effectiveness for knee injury prevention decreased.
  • This intense program is also advertised as a sports performance program. Therefore, it is not for individuals in rehab or struggling with an injury.