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What is Sportsmetrics™?

SportsmetricsTM is the first and largest ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to decrease knee injuries in athletes. There are many programs out there that advertise they can prevent knee injuries, but SportsmetricsTM is one of only three programs that have been proven to significantly decrease knee injuries in athletes, especially females. While this program was designed specifically to reduce knee injuries, it has also been proven to increase sports performance. Athletes leave this program feeling stronger and more prepared to start their season than with any other “off-season” programs.



About The Program

SportsmetricsTM is a 6 week training program designed to teach athletes how to properly jump and land to decrease forces at the knee. The components of the program consist of a dynamic warm-up, plyometric/jump training, strengthening, speed and agility work. Athletes learn proper techniques for jumping, landing and cutting while increasing overall leg and core strength. They also significantly improve symmetry between limbs, power and speed. The program is progressive in nature and gets harder each week to build on the skills learned from the prior weeks. Therefore, we do not offer drop-in sessions and athletes will benefit the most from this program if they attend at least 85% of the sessions. This program is very physically demanding and requires athletes to be injury free and is designed during the “off-season.”



Athletes are tested before and after the program to measure progress and screen for injury risk. We use video analysis during a jump task to assess an athletes risk for knee injury and test at the completion of the program. Additionally, we test vertical jump and single leg broad jump for strength and power tests. Every single athlete that has come through our Sportsmetrics program has significantly improved at the end of the 6 week program and most return each year. We offer these sessions in the summer and winter seasons. We hope you train with Rebound to ultimately prepare your athlete for their season by decreasing their risk of injury and to perform at the highest level!





Before Sportsmetrics™


After Sportsmetrics™



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