We just got home last night from the University of Arizona and Taylor's first competition in over 1.5 years. WE OWE YOU MOST OF THE CREDIT for his return to diving! When we walked into your exam room he was depressed and without much hope of recovery!!! He had assumed that his previous PT was not working and that the entire surgery was failing. You patiently listened to us and began the treatment that was needed to help the nerves recover. NO ONE ELSE was even addressing that issue and had given up on his recovery. Because of your efforts/faith/skill and desire to help Taylor is now enjoying his "passion" again. Thank You for "going the extra mile" for a young man whom you had just met!! The Stanford Trainer had all but told Taylor that they had given up and that he should too. Because of the progress you had made with Taylor's recovery the Stanford group once again began to work with him. I am a very grateful Mother - Thank you!!
Kelly Sishc