What is Golf Specific Fitness?

Golf fitness is the physical conditioning needed to help improve the mobility and/or stability of the the golfer to achieve golf specific movement.

How will golf fitness help my golf game?

Golf fitness will help to improve the mobility and stability of the joints to allow for proper turn and repetitive movements. A lack of stability and mobility can lead to compensations and swing deficiencies. Increased golf fitness can enhance proper control and balance of the body to maintain postures needed during the swing action. With enough specific fitness a golfer's power and muscular strength will also be improved.

Golf fitness can help a golfer potentially hit further, have more accuracy, cause less fatigue on the range and course, and help a golfer commit to his or her shots. Golf is a precision sport. If postures and movements are "off" at anytime during a round, numerous stressors can be placed on the body and cause strains/sprains. This, in turn, can lead to less golf played throughout the season.

I work out on my own and I am in pretty good shape. Isn't this enough to improve my golf game?

Not necessarily. It really depends on what activities and movements you are performing on your own. Some individuals are "strong" in the gym, but cannot maintain proper postures in a swing because of lack of endurance. These individuals have often worked the wrong muscle groups, which can lead to poor swing mechanics. Golf fitness will help improve golf specific strength, stability, and endurance.

Is golf fitness all I would need to help improve my game?

Improving your fitness level is just one piece of the puzzle to enhancing your swing. We encourage individuals to utilize a golf professional and specific golf instruction to help your physical improvements aide in a better swing.

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