Driven by Results-Oriented Methods

The cornerstone to any successful service-oriented business is results for the customer. At Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy we recognizemom that our “customers” are really three different groups, all who are expecting results:

  1. The patients
  2. The physicians who refer their patients to us
  3. The insurance company, sports team/club, or entity who may be paying for the services

Throughout this website you can read more about the specific treatment techniques that the staff at Rebound utilizes. Most of these techniques are not a standard part of the education while in PT school, but instead come from ongoing advanced training around the country. As a result of the constant search for better results and methods, several of these techniques have become the foundation for clinical reasoning for the entire Rebound staff. This has allowed a true “team approach” and continuous collaboration between staff for the patient’s benefit.

It is also important to make clear that the results desired by each and every patient are unique and different. A key component to successful outcomes is connecting with each patient and working closely with them to establish these results-oriented goals. For one patient it may be relief of constant pain, for another it could be finally sleeping through the night, and for another it may be returning to a sport or hobby they love, or injury prevention. A few other examples of the results and goals accomplished through treatment at Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy include:

  • Full recovery and return to normal activities following surgery or accident.
  • Improved strength and sports-specific performance.
  • Abolishment of pain in the legs or feet allowing return to basic daily activities.
  • Correction of muscle imbalances that have hindered athletic performance.
  • Improved balance and stability allowing elderly safe daily function.
  • Relief of neck or back pain and fully empowering the patient to maintain their improvements through customized home strategies.
  • Restoration of pain-free shoulder motion allowing return to simple overhead tasks, sports performance, and daily activities.