Restoring the body back into a neutral position.

Rebuilding the brain-body connection.

Move better through motherhood.


Back pain? Hip pain? Diastasis recti? Pelvic floor incontinence?

At Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy, we often see moms with the above diagnoses, so we created a program to address the most common problems.

STRONG CORE MAMA is a progressive program designed to improve core and pelvic floor function post-baby. Instead of the traditional “Core” exercises of sit-ups and crunches, the program is designed to restore your body back into a neutral position, then rebuild the brain-body connection to your core and pelvic floor.

Participants receive UNLIMITED access to the program – this means you can enjoy the classes anytime, anywhere, and as often as you want!

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The program is designed and instructed by Anna Towne, Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, fitness instructor, and mom of two.

During each class, Anna will lead and instruct through specific exercises that help with posture and body mechanics for motherhood. You will not be completely on your own though! Anna will send periodic email check-ins to answer any of your questions and make sure you are on the right track. With her help and a full PDF of information and exercises, you will be able to discover and learn new techniques that will empower you as a strong mama!

In addition to Anna’s support, you will get exclusive access to our Strong Core Mama Facebook community so you can connect and support other moms just like you!

Whether your baby is six weeks old or 6 + years old, your core and pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened. Mothers should not have to accept pain and peeing their pants as a “normal” consequence of having kids. This program enables moms to return confidently and safely to work inside and outside the home, enjoying activities without pain or complications.


Learn more about Anna’s passion and expertise for helping moms stay healthy and active in this 3-part series that shows how Katie, a professional runner and a new mama, works on maintaining a strong core and a healthy body during her pregnancy.


If you have more questions on our Strong Core Mama program then please look at our FAQs. If your question isn’t addressed then please call us at 970.663.6142 ext. 2 or email Anna Towne directly at [email protected].