Who is Strong Running Mama for?

Any mom after 6 weeks postpartum, with OB clearance, can participate in SRM. We do suggest that moms have completed a foundational core & pelvic floor rehab program (see our Strong Core Mama Program) or a one-on-one Women’s Health Physical Therapy consult.

Do I have to be a newborn mom to be able to participate in this program?

No, not at all! It is never too late to make progress on your hips, core and pelvic floor strength. Even if your “baby” is 10 years old it is never too late to return to running pain-free and confident.

Can both C-section and vaginal delivery moms participate?

YES! During pregnancy we all go through a lot of physiological changes so restoring neutral body alignment through exercise is very necessary. Both c-section and vaginal deliveries undergo severe hip & core weakness so both will benefit from the strength exercises instructed throughout the program.

Can I do this class if I have pelvic floor dysfunction &/or diastasis recti?

Yes you can do the program but if you’re having severe pelvic floor dysfunction then we would encourage seeking out either one-on-one Women’s Healthy Physical Therapy &/or our Strong Core Mama Program. If you’re local then please come to Rebound and we’d love to help you with your individualized needs.

What equipment will I need?

We use household items for these classes to keep them simple and easy to do at your own convenience and in your own space. All the specifics will be emailed to you once you enroll in the course.

How much time will this program take weekly?

Each class should take between 45-50 minutes in total depending on how many reps, sets and rest breaks you take. Many participants have chosen to divide up the classes into different exercises averaging 15-20 minutes of work. Once enrolled, you will be emailed specifics on how to progress through the program to maximize your progress and success.

Is there a specific order to do the classes or can we pick and choose when to do them?

We recommend doing each class at least one time before progressing to the next class level.  This is to ensure that you are first restoring neutral body alignment and then building the foundational strength that we will advance from.

Who is a good candidate for this program?

Mamas and runners of all ages are encouraged to participate. Anyone from a beginner 5k runner to someone who has been running ultras for a decade can make strength gains from this program.

When do I do the workouts?

The videos are sent to you via a link so you can access the videos at your own convenient location and time and you can repeat the workouts as much as you’d like.

How is this different from a gym class or another online program?

All of the exercises are strategically organized to help postpartum runners gain strength in the proper muscles needed for running, while also learning how to relax the muscle groups that frequently cause injuries. A lot of programs found online are not designed by Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists who treat diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction on a daily basis.

How often would you recommend doing these workouts?

We would recommend doing each workout at least once before advancing to the next class. Each workout can be done 3-4 times but we would not recommend doing back-to-back days in order to promote recovery on the days in between.

I’ve signed up, but still haven’t received an email with a login or password.

We suggest you check your spam folder first!

Still no email? We personally send out the emails with the rest of the class information, which means sometimes there is a delay. We apologize for this and are working hard to get you started! If you don’t receive a follow-up email in a week, please email Anna directly at [email protected].

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