Has life gotten in the way of your fitness?

Have injuries or pain interfered with your ability to be fit?

Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Welcome to Fitness Coaching at Rebound!

We understand that physical fitness means different things to different people, and we understand how life can get in the way of fitness. Here at Rebound, we offer a distinctly different approach to achieving fitness compared to typical personal training.

Our focus is on you as an individual. We combine proper alignment, technique, and workout intensity to create an in-house and at-home exercise program specifically designed to reach your goals. While we use a variety of techniques and equipment, we are primarily interested in the most important piece of equipment that any of us will ever possess – our own healthy body.

Our goal is make sure you reach your goals, whether that is getting our clients back on the court, on the course, on the mountain, or into an active life.

Call us today at (970)663-6142 to schedule a fitness consultation and find out what fitness coaching can do for you!


Get Better. Be Your Best.

Achieve true fitness.