Who can participate in SCM?

Any mom after 6 weeks postpartum, with OB clearance, can participate in SCM.


Do I have to be a newborn mom to be able to participate in this program?

No, not at all! It is never too late to make progress on your core and pelvic floor.


Can both c-section and vaginal delivery moms participate?

YES! During pregnancy we all go through a lot of physiological changes so restoring neutral body alignment through exercise is very necessary. Both c-section and vaginal deliveries undergo severe core and pelvic floor weakness so both will benefit from the brain-body strength exercises instructed throughout the program.


Do your classes address pelvic floor dysfunction?

YES! Our program is designed to address pelvic floor dysfunction through exercise and instruction. If we are unable to address a specific pelvic floor issue then we will help connect you with a local Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who can assist you further.


Do your classes address diastasis recti?

YES! The entire program uses evidence-based methods to heal diastasis recti. Each class emphasizes rebuilding your core in order to regain complete function of your abs.


What equipment will I need?

We use household items for these classes to keep them simple and easy to do at your own convenience and in your own space. All the specifics will be emailed to you once you enroll in the course.


How much time will this program take weekly?

Each class should take between 30-40 minutes in total depending on how many reps, sets and rest breaks you take. Many participants have chosen to divide up the classes into different exercises averaging 10-20 minutes of work. Once enrolled, you will be emailed specifics on how to progress through the program to maximize your progress and success.


Is there a specific order to do the classes or can we pick and choose when to do them?

We recommend doing each class at least one time before progressing to the next class level.  This is to ensure that you are first restoring neutral body alignment and then building the foundational strength that we will advance from.


I’ve signed up, but still haven’t received an email with a login or password.

We suggest you check your spam folder first!

Still no email? We personally send out the emails with the rest of the class information, which means sometimes there is a delay. We apologize for this and are working hard to get you started! If you don’t receive a follow-up email in a week, please email Anna directly at [email protected].


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